The Rogue Fox Guild

The Most Exclusive Foxiz are here

Genesis NFT collection is NOW MINTING!

Own a unique foxy

The Genesis 10,000 NFT collection

Our journey's starting with the Genesis collection.
Procedurally generated NFTs with hand-drawn traits from the collection will hold exclusive rarities, unique encounters and rewards in the game. There will only be 10k from the Genesis collection, and these will be the most valuable NFTs.

With your RFG NFT, you’ll be able to:

  • Link your wallet to the game
  • Play with your NFT avatar
  • Unlock unique encounters based on your NFT rarity

Story & Rarities

In the Rogue Fox Guild Foxiverse, each foxy NFT has its own story, and some foxiz have rarer traits than others. The 5 rarity levels will determine your starting position in the game, but also may make your extremely valuable...

Your unique combination of 132 unique hand-drawn may determine your fate,
Rogue - may luck be with you when minting.

Why should I fox in this nft drop?

P2E Gaming

Prior to building the full Play-2-Earn mechanics, we'll launch mini-games, so that your NFT can be used straight away, and you can have immediate NFT utility.

10% go to charity

Animal wellbeing is super important to us. We commit to giving 10% of all revenues generated from the mint to animal charities selected by our community.

Art & Storytelling

Create a diverse, story driven world where the Rogues roam freely and explore the RFG universe. Comics, expansions, animations and crazy art ideas to come!

Female Frenship

A true friendship has no time limits. Silviya and Anna have known one another for more than 18 years... The RFG has a diverse founder team made up of 50% females.

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