The Rogue Fox Guild


Welcome to the Barren Lands

Scavenge through the ravaged lands and level to earn. Quest through the Barren Lands, loot and trade. In this P2E game, being a different type of hero actually pays off.

It's all in your hands

A scavenger scrapes by, while a Rogue ascends! Build your unique character to suit your play style with items that YOU own.




True ownership for the players

You own your items. Play or loan your character - it’s your choice. Trade or keep your items - it’s your choice. They are all held safely on the blockchain NOT our servers.

Get Your NFT Character

A new gaming experience

Who says that play and earn gaming can’t be fun? Rogue Fox Guild brings a story-driven, compelling narrative to the world.

Free to play. Yes, really.

You won’t need to purchase anything to play the game. Ascend through the ranks and be rewarded.


Loved by industry leaders, adored by the community. A true blessing, no disguises in sight.

“I've seen like, all the just positive vibes, like everyone is super positive, super happy, super friendly... I've never seen this before in a Discord server.”

Perhaps, community member


The first play and earn game designed for inclusivity first.

Beyond gender, race or ability - everyone’s welcome.


Phase 0.5


Building the community and excitement for the project launch.

  • Website
  • Discord Community & social media
  • Whitepaper & Gitbook Docs
  • Roadmap
  • Inital game trailer

Phase 2

Game Foundations

Developing the first technical and utility foundations of the game.

  • Wallet integration
  • NFT avatar viewer and rarity tool
  • Interactive map creation
  • Character Art for 2D rigging
  • Character animations

Phase 4


Development of the procedurally generated quest areas and storyline.

  • Procedural generation code
  • Quest area tile-sets
  • Quest storyline development
  • Land
  • Housing

Phase 6

L2E integration

Integrations of loan-to-earn within the game

  • Smart contract development
  • L2E smart contract / game integration development

Phase 1

Genesis NFT

Release of the most valuable RFG NFT collection - the Genesis NFT collection.

  • Artwork with 126 traits
  • Procedural generation tool
  • Smart contract on Polygon
  • Mint site
  • Pre-sale

Phase 3

Social Hub

Developing the online multiplayer social aspect of game.

  • Additional Genesis NFT sale
  • Multiplayer development
  • Social interaction & trading development
  • Initial city hub tile-sets & integrations
  • Inital game trailer

Phase 5

Item integrations

Developing in-game item / NFT smart contract & game integrations.

  • Item graphic asset creation
  • Item attribute development
  • Item crafting development
  • Marketplace development

Phase 7

Game release

Conducting final tests and deployment of the finalised version of the game.

  • Final testing & integration phase
  • Deployment of v1.0 of the game!

The Scroll of truth

Open the scroll and read more information about the Rogue Fox Guild.


Silviya Ivanova


Art aficionado, illustrated over 10 books and 5 board games. 10 years in the animation industry working with brands, green NGOs, indie festivals, dog charities and Mattel and The Meet Group.

Morgan Page


Game and full stack dev.
Created an indie game with 1.4 million game downloads. Startup founder and CTO in the VR space. 30 years as a developer, 34k Udemy students.

Anna Stoilova

Marketing and Management

2 x startup founder. Created and marketed a brand to get 100,000 sign ups and 8k community members.
CEO and CPO working in the tech for good space.

Tofu Leekheart

Community Management

K.C Chen


Sam Mauricio-Muir

Community Management

Partners & Media

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