A collection of 10,000 unique and programmatically generated NFTs

The Great Collapse. No fox knows the cause. From the ashes, the fox arose, gathering in small groups, rebuilding by claw and by paw. Small settlements grew into towns and some even evolved into great skulks…

But the Barren Lands are hard to traverse and keep these disparate settlements isolated. Only Rogues are cunning enough to roam between settlements, trading stories, goods and Lost Artifacts, the remnants of a past civilisation that, through hubris, is no more...

Why the foxiverse?

Welcome to the Rogue Fox Guild! We welcome all Rogues - no fox is left behind!

By joining the Guild you’ll be eligible for giveaways, airdrops, merch, private Discord channel and access to our future metaverse with games and other exclusive content.

Welcome to RFG. Let‘s go on an epic journey together...

What's Special About These Foxes?

Gaming Metaverse

RFG will have a huge metaverse - we'll create 3 NFT-centric games, including a P2E and multiplayer game. See your NFTs come to life!

10% go to charity

Animal wellbeing is super important to us. We commit to giving 10% of all revenues generated from the mint to animal charities selected by our community.

Art & Storytelling

Create a diverse, story driven world where the Rogues roam freely and explore the RFG universe. Comics, expansions, animations and crazy art ideas to come!

Female Frenship

A true friendship has no time limits. Silviya and Anna have known one another for more than 18 years... The RFG has a diverse founder team made up of 50% females.


The Foxiverse is driven by a desire to tell a complex story via creating immersive and beautiful art leading to an adventurous game experience. In addition, we aim to push the borders of NFT utilities and engage with a like-minded community of fox-enthusiasts! The Rogue Fox Guild will continue as a full-time project upon a successful public sale, and we’ve planned our roadmap around this. Join the guild to have a say in what happens next!

Join the guild to have a say in what happens next!


Silviya Ivanova


Art aficionado, illustrated over 10 books and 5 board games. 10 years in the animation industry working with brands, green NGOs, indie festivals, dog charities and Mattel and The Meet Group.

Morgan Page


Game and full stack dev. Created indie game with 1.4 million game downloads. Startup founder and CTO in the VR space. 30 years as a developer, 34k Udemy students.

Anna Stoilova

Marketing and Management

2 x startup founder. Created and marketed a brand to get 100,000 sign ups and 8k community members. CEO and CPO working in the tech for good space.

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