The First P2E Roguelike Adventure Game

10k Gen 0 NFT collection launching 25 Jan

Quest in the Barren Lands, win battles and earn rewards

You take on quests either solo or in a group. No quest plays out exactly the same so be prepared for challenging battles and exciting surprises. In this epic roguelike adventure, you connect your wallet, choose your NFT avatar, equip your NFT items (from common to legendary), meet up with your friends in a city hub and head off on a quest.

Buy, sell and loan your items - you can profit when you play, but also when you don’t.

10K NFT Collection

Gen 0 10,000 NFT collection launching on 25 January

Our journey's starting with the Gen 0 collection.
Procedurally generated NFTs with hand-drawn traits from the collection will hold exclusive rarities, unique encounters and rewards in the game. There will only be 10k from the Gen 0 collection, and these will be the most valuable NFTs.

With your RFG NFT, you’ll be able to:

  • Link your wallet to the game
  • Play with your NFT avatar
  • Unlock unique encounters based on your NFT rarity

Story & Rarities

In the Rogue Fox Guild Foxiverse, each foxy NFT has its own story, and some foxiz have rarer traits than others. The 5 rarity levels will determine your starting position in the game, but also may make your extremely valuable...

Your unique combination of 132 unique hand-drawn may determine your fate,
Rogue - may luck be with you when minting.

Why should I fox in this nft drop?

P2E Gaming

Prior to building the full Play-2-Earn mechanics, we'll launch mini-games, so that your NFT can be used straight away, and you can have immediate NFT utility.

10% go to charity

Animal wellbeing is super important to us. We commit to giving 10% of all revenues generated from the mint to animal charities selected by our community.

Art & Storytelling

Create a diverse, story driven world where the Rogues roam freely and explore the RFG universe. Comics, expansions, animations and crazy art ideas to come!

Female Frenship

A true friendship has no time limits. Silviya and Anna have known one another for more than 18 years... The RFG has a diverse founder team made up of 50% females.


NFT Roadmap

The Gen 0 NFT drop launching soon is only the beginning.

Below is the our NFT roadmap, which we’ll execute based on milestones reached.
Join the guild to have a say in how we execute it, and keep updated on all news!


Silviya Ivanova


Art aficionado, illustrated over 10 books and 5 board games. 10 years in the animation industry working with brands, green NGOs, indie festivals, dog charities and Mattel and The Meet Group.

Morgan Page


Game and full stack dev.
Created an indie game with 1.4 million game downloads. Startup founder and CTO in the VR space. 30 years as a developer, 34k Udemy students.

Anna Stoilova

Marketing and Management

2 x startup founder. Created and marketed a brand to get 100,000 sign ups and 8k community members.
CEO and CPO working in the tech for good space.

Jason Watkins


Sam Mauricio-Muir

Community Management

K.C Chen

Marketing Internship


We’ve officially partnered with and received the support of Polygon Studios, the official art of Polygon Network, the full-stack Ethereum scaling solution. we've also been featured on NFT calendar, and other wev3/NFT-focused media.

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